Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cake Couture Cupcakes--The best in Hawaii by Candylei

This is it! The search is over. I have found the best cupcake ever and it is here at this cake bakery near Honolulu. And wait. Do you see the screen in the above photo showing a cake? Well, at present they don't have any cake or cupcake pictures on their website, but if you go into the shop you will be mesmerized by her skill at decorating everything from many tiered wedding cakes to children's single birthday cakes to cupcakes. Her meaning Emerson-Bass. Fondant or sugar paste is used for her tropical flowers and they are spectacular! Very entertaining watching their slide show inside the shop. Ladies t-shirts are available in the shop in brown and lime green.

Location: Aina Haina Shopping Center Courtyard, Honolulu, HI 96821 phone 808-373-9750

Great idea. The owner has taken cake platters and piped on the cupcake flavors available. That is one way to get practice at script when decorating cakes. I don't think she needs practice. She has mastered it.

This is the one. Orange creamsicle cupcake is the ultimate cupcake. Rich, moist and filled with lots of super fine orange zest that makes every bite zing. The frosting is just as good as the cupcake to make a outstanding combination.

Above are the mocha cupcakes. Delicious. Another great one is their peanut butter cupcakes. People in Honolulu were raving about them. I didn't get to taste one of those, but I can just imagine it. Cake Couture Cupcakes was voted best cupcakes in the Honolulu Magazine this year.

One of my new paintings that is listed now on ebay of two Hawaiian girls....mother and daughter in their island prints. P.S. They like cupcakes too.

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Anonymous said...

I want to go to Hawaii just to try her cupcakes! They sound so delicious. She should use Bella Cupcake Couture wrappers too. They'd be a perfect match.