Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flourless Rich Chocolate Cupcakes and Coffee

Fresh sweet butter and rich bittersweet chocolate went in the double broiler to melt and then eggs yolks were whisked into the warm chocolate for these flour free cupcakes.

The recipe is from one of Martha's cookbooks, Martha Stewart Living 2002 Annual Recipes, and really they are little souffles that melt in your mouth similar to angel food cake, but much richer. I sprinkled a little sugar on top of each cupcake for a little crunch texture. The name of the recipe is Sunken Chocolate Cakes with Coffee Ice Cream.

We served them to a crowd the other evening and I had doubled the recipe and it yielded 2 tins of cupcakes. As always I didn't remember to take a picture until I had scooped the last bit of ice cream out and it was less than round, perfect looking, but same great taste. I always admire the kids at Baskin and Robbins for their perfect scooping cone after cone. When we make our own ice cream it is usually soft and there's not much concern about shaping.
If it wasn't for cows we wouldn't be having ice cream. Did you know that the first cow came to America in 1611? Did you ever wonder what they had for dessert in 1610 in America? I will check into it. Maybe apples pies.

Another fact is that a cow can produce about 80 glasses of milk a day! Amazing. Thank you cows for all the dairy delights we feast on.

Our westie had another fresh egg the other day when I was gathering eggs for the cupcakes. He picked one up and ran ahead back to the house. I think Sir Salty could run a marathon with an egg in his mouth since he's had so much practice.

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