Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gardening with Color

Dianthus are a favorite of mine. Their clove scent and their rich colors are an important combination. This is a double flowered one called Dynasty. If you can find some be sure and get them. They overwinter well here and are among the first things to come up in spring. Then after they flower just cut down and they will send forth another flush of blooms. Continue this routine until nature cuts them down for winter with a hard frost. Here they are against the new coneflower called Harvest Moon. Oh, the sizzle.

See the lone pink coneflower and how it just looks so-so against the dianthus, but the orange and brown strike a richer combination with the burgandy flowers. Again we are going for the plants that come back faithfully year after year. An encore we anticipate every year.

You might remember me telling you that one of my favorite color combinations is lime green and gray. Here is a beautiful example of it in a hanging basket. I want to make a garden of just lime green and gray. (Add it to the long list of things I want to do which might go around the world once, at least.) I can always do it on paper.


warren said...

I just noticed your list of "things I think I want". On your list is beehives. You should definitely get some. I started out of curiosity and now I love it. I have 11 hives right now. Lots of good honey! They are not too hard to manage but it's best with a mentor since they do sting (of course). Anyhow, give it a try! They will look good in your garden!

Candylei said...

Warren, I did pick up a pamphlet with a list of some of the local beekeepers at the fair. Yes.