Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Country Living includes Animals as seen in this Folk Art Painting

This is a new color palette that I am working with instead of the darker earth colors, mustards and dark green and dark blue. It has a "fresh air" feel to it which I like. It's like everything is rosie here in the country, which it is. Two little westies don't want to be want to run ahead and feel the ground under their paws.


Rowena said...

I love it! (the color scheme and the westies of course) Only afterwards did I note the kitties and it dawned on me that that must be the scene before the westies start chasing the felines. At least mine surely would (the doxie too!. Beautiful work Candylei!

bella-jewels said...

Hi, Your art has my heart! I am in Baltimore. I see that you too are in Maryland. Do you show your work in any galleries around town? Kindly, Tracey