Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stretching For a Beverly Hills Sprinkles Cupcake Visit

We like cupcakes because they are sweet, moist and fresh. Sprinkles Cupcakes say they have a tiny kitchen. That may be so, but the flavor that comes out is "big".
If you have to travel thousands of miles to find some good be it. You sit down and eat every morsel. You are envious of the packages lined up along all counters...of course they are all orders ready to be picked up. I should have faxed my order in from Maryland. "........Yes, and I'll be there shortly to pick them up."
I was so pleased that the plates were paper and the forks were wood! That thrilled me as much as the cupcakes themselves. They are keeping up with everyone going green! Lead by example.

I had this mocha cupcake. It's sitting on the glass counter and their logo reflects backwards from the glass window. I want to say the design of this shop is beautiful. The thick wall of glass that keeps the cupcakes safe from little fingers and germs is stunning. It's thick just like bullet proof glass at the bank. It's a small shop, but the space is used wisely and it's an open, clean design. They also had plenty of help behind the counters. Yay! The floor is concrete like in a airplane hanger, but who is looking at the floor in a cupcake bakery?
Their website is: if you want to check out their other locations and they are even overseas.

Now not too far away while we were driving I snapped this shot trying to catch these beautiful hanging baskets that were the size of a smart car. This is on Rodeo Drive and I have to find out what this pink flowering tree is. It is beautiful! It has huge pink flowers on it almost like a magnolia.

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