Tuesday, August 26, 2008

These Birds Are Going Green and Recycling

I marveled that these two mother birds to be gathered up all of the debris on the parking lot and bound it into their nests. They really know how to recycle. The manager of the Athens Restaurant was at his car retrieving some things when he saw me stop and get out for a picture. "Are you taking a picture of that?" he asked wearily. "Do you know the shopping center maintenance people just came 2 days ago and took them down and now they have built two new ones already." The birds must be accountants as a few receipts are woven in.

Speaking of birds...Sir Salty and I gather chicken eggs and recycle them(!) First we make cupcakes with the egg yolks and egg whites and save the cracked shells. One recent cupcake is below and more are to come since school has officially started. More on that subject in another post. We take the shells and plant them with tomatoes or roses for calcium. They can be planted with perennials or put into a compost pile.

Miss Rabbit is made of fondant and is serving tea to her garden plants. All edible art cupcake. Yummy.


Rowena said...

Sir Salty must be a fine keeper of the chickens and chicken eggs. He just looks so happy in that photo!

I throw my crushed eggs shells into the tomato pots...unfortunately the doxie pup thinks it is something to retrieve and scatter all over the grass. My next move is to pulverize those shells so he'll have nothing to grasp in his little teeth!

Anonymous said...

You made that cupcake?!?! Oh my goodness- I need to take baking lessons from you- you're amazing!!!