Thursday, June 5, 2008

Westie wows and Gardening trivia

I think our westie, Sir Salty, could get a part time job as a lei greeter. He always meets us at the door with a gift item in his mouth...drops it, smiles and then kisses us. Oh, and he looks beautiful, too.

Now he doesn't just grab anything it has to be appropriate for the "arrivee" (not yet published in dictionaries). Then he makes a circle around your feet and taps you with his tail with love pats.
When we let him outside he runs out barking. It's his gracious way of giving anyone and everyone a five-second warning he is now in control. Everyone else move aside (animals and birds).

We had a tornado watch and severe thunderstorms yesterday. Our electricity was out for almost 24 hours. Many people are still without it. Five days is the projected time from the power company for most. Several big trees tore in half. Most all of the William Baffin rose petals flew down to the pavement. They rise high over an arbor but now they look like they are ashamed and bowed down. The air is so full of honeysuckle probably from all the jostling around.

The vegetable garden could turn into a sink hole. Then again a sink hole is usually when the water table lowers and then its open and the ground sinks.

Today when Sir Salty looked into a mud puddle he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He tried to smell the face, but his nose got wet. He next put his paw in the water to touch the westie face and his paw gets wet. He turns his head left and then right swiveling it back and forth to see if he can hear anything from this face. It is a mystery.

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