Saturday, June 7, 2008

Westie, the all-around Multitalented Dog

What is green and warm? The state of Maryland. Sir Salty, is very competitive and is not going to let warm weather spoil his racing and chasing. He would have enjoyed the Belmont Races today where everyone was "braving" high humidity and heat.

But no, everyone in Maryland, including Sir Salty, was home in their yards trying to figure out what to do with the large trees lying on lawns from the storm. Sir Salty runs along the branches sniffing out "squirrel trails." We will all have great compost heaps and the best looking gardens. Yes, think positive. (How many more trees to cut up?) I could cut up the smallish, straight branches and use them for garden markers.

Sir Salty believes the gardens are for his enjoyment. I dig and plant and put a marker or two around the he nicely runs over and carefully takes the marker in his mouth and is off with it. He turns his head around as he runs off and gives me a thank you look with a very big grin. But I am getting ahead of myself...after I take the plant out of the plastic pot Sir Salty grabs it and jumps forward, sideways and backward with it...biting it and thinking it makes pleasant crinkle music... the way he leaps like an greek olympian. The sport must be called...Recycling?

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