Sunday, June 8, 2008

Westie the Pool Dog by Candylei

Oxygen is a liquid. All of us know that on the east coast. With the temperatures hitting 100 and the humidity in the 90's we are pretty much walking around in a sauna. This weather is what makes the gardens soar to heights that even make the English gardeners jealous.

Sir Salty is such a cool chap and he pretends the heat doesn't bother him, but his gaping mouth as he zips around the yard tells us otherwise. He was the model today for my painting of him in the pool and yes, he was actually in the pool and there was only an inch of water. But not to worry, he comes inside with the air conditioning and relaxes for short stretches of time. He would rather be busy outside checking on everyone and everything.

This painting a little expressionist but is loaded with paint and was painted with gusto and passion. That is the defining character of westies. This is how I imagine Sir Salty would paint if he could.

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