Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lambie and Westie are Best Friends

One of our Suffolk lambs, that is bottlefed, has become friends with Sir Salty. An unlikely pair, but they both like to run. Lambie is the one who naturally follows Sir Salty where ever that may lead. Usually after a cat or bird, but sometimes it's a moth.

After Sir Salty was bathed I got lambie and my camera for a photo op, but it turned into lots of photo oops. My power shot takes so long to focus and they've turned every which way by the time the shutter snaps. (Blame it on the camera.) Lambie was more interested in eating the phone book. (No doubt looking up dog kennels.) Sir Salty felt he needed to straighten out his hair before having a portrait picture.
Today the lawn was mown and tonight Sir Salty looks like a green lepricon or the incredible hulk.

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