Sunday, June 15, 2008

A treat for Candylei

I picked up the lumber for the new arbor in the potager then to keep the roses watered and well till they are planted around the arbor. It is designed after a french one in France. This could be an all summer project? I am debating whether to plant the New Dawn or the White Dawn climbing roses.

I noticed on the cover of the fine gardening magazine they have my favorite planting combination. It is lime green and gray. It always looks appealing even in the dog days of August.

Sir Salty no longer thinks it's only paradise outside. He has come to realize that it is cooler and quite pleasant inside with the air conditioning. I no longer have to bribe him with a treat to get him back inside.

He loves to hide behind the small boxwood bushes. He thinks the cat cannot see him. I stand above them all and this is what I see. Heads and tails.

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dina said...

hello, your westie is lovely, I have one, too.