Monday, June 16, 2008

Chicks, ducklings and Westie???

We got some cute, little baby chicks and ducklings. I am a bit worried if all can cohabitate peacefully eventually here in the country together. The chicks are in a box with a lamp for a few days. The other night the door was closed tight where the chicks are. During the night I heard Sir Salty barking. One bark following the other. I decided to get up and investigate.

Acckkkkk! The door was open and I could only see Sir Salty's tail wagging and hear him barking. I felt weak kneed and did not want to look inside. I did not want to see 17 chicks in disarray. Sir Salty came out, ever so slowly, with his head down and tail wagging, and thankfully, without anything in his mouth.

Could it be he did not harm them? I hear nothing, but move forward. They are all crouched together in the corner of their box......all 17 chicks. My mood totally changes to a jubilant sigh, and... Sir Salty you are the best dog! He got so much love and attention and he probably still doesn't know why. He is a wonder dog. Amazing.

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