Thursday, June 19, 2008

Country Living and Baking by Candylei

Our cherry tree is loaded with ripening cherries. If I don't get busy and get them harvested the birds will have a tea party and clean them out in a day or two. It's a blessing the deer don't like them. Ours are the baking cherries so good in cobbliers and crisps. I did just that.
I added a little rum flavoring, cinnamon, sugar, flour, and a few slices of peaches. (I only made one individual bowl and will make other goodies with the rest. ) Topped it with whipped cream and a lavender stem. So appealing and tastey, too. You've heard that saying, "Eat locally and buy local produce"... Homegrown and homemade. No nutrients were lost in shipping or transit and I know they have not been sprayed with chemicals. There is a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you can pick produce, prepare and dine on it in one hour.
Sir Salty (our westie) helped pick the cherries by sitting on our feet, and daring any bird to steal a cherry. Later he helped check fences by seeing if he could crawl through the square fencing. He couldn't. I tried to catch a shot of him kissing this ewe's nose, but missed it. He is Mr. Social. He loved romping in the tall hay field on the other side of the sheep. At least he was acting normal again because....
This morning Sir Salty was acting so guilty. He was crawling on the ground like he had been scolded. I thought he was getting sick. Something was drastically wrong with him. What could it be I wondered? After a few minutes he slipped away and came back just as guilty again, but with something in his mouth or not? He looked and me and quickly looked away and slinked off toward the house. His behavior was peculiar. When I caught up with him I lifted his head and here he had an fresh egg from the hen house in his mouth. Oh the little thief. He acted so ashamed and looked at me like "Could you make me a custard since you had a cherry crisp?" Westies. In truth he was eating them and knows he is not suppose to.

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