Saturday, July 5, 2008

Baking Westie Cupcakes or Cuppies

Sir Salty's one year-old birthday is coming up soon! I'm trying out some cute westie designed cupcakes for the celebration. All edible. It's my first time using fondant and it is fun to work with. Without any tools except a dinner knife and rolling pin and this is what I came up with. Today I came home with piping sleeves and little flower presses. I think I might be smitten with fondant.
There are some wonderful cupcake pictures on, but there weren't any westie cupcakes. It would be great to shape some of Sir Salty's friends on the cupcakes, too.
Our westie, Sir Salty loves our rubber boots...maybe I should make some out of fondant??? He has this way of taking three steps in front of me and then stopping sideways knowing that I will walk into him... which in turn gives him an excuse to grab my boot where my toes are. He is so playful even when we are like "wow, it's so hot out." He has a great outlook on life...a big smile, a quick trot and a sense of humor!

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