Thursday, March 27, 2008

Primitive American Girl Candylei Cake Folk Art Painting

Hooray! Today I rototilled the garden. It's a beautiful sight just like a blank canvas. After a week there will be weeds growing no doubt, but TODAY....It is a sweet-smelling parcel of earth full of promise!

Our Westie, was quite pleased with it, too, as it was so soft and digable. I had to lather him twice in his bath afterward. The bluejays, robins and cardinals hopped around on it after we came inside. They were doing their own folk dance while the doves watched from the oak tree not sure if they should join in.

I finished a sweet painting of 3 girls holding up cupcakes. (We are still in the cupcake cooking frenzy.) This painting is also special because it portrays 3 family members.

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Folk Art Paintings said...

Hi there. This painting is very beautiful. You are very good at making expressive faces. Great job. The painting of the dog is lovely. I liked the presentation of your blog.