Saturday, December 1, 2007

December - Sir Salty is 4 months by Candylei

Today was blustery and Sir Salty helped rake leaves by continually biting on the rake and running through the leaves. Any tool you have in your hand he thinks it's his! Broom-His! Shovel-His! Cat food-His!
We got rose bushes planted yesterday. The new Burgundy one who's parent is the white Iceburg Rose. Then some of the English roses-David Austin roses. Three of the clear pink Mary Rose which I like as it grows taller than most of the English roses. Three Falstaff roses which are a deep rose/burgundy and considered taller. They say "red". I also put in 3 Tuscany superb roses which grow a little higher and are a beautiful red wine. Now just to tuck some more of the irises around and spring bulbs.
Gardening in the fall is about anticipation! To see if the colors blend as deliciously as we thought and the fragrance wafting.

I think our Westie holds the record for having the most baths/rinse offs in 4 months. If he hears the water running in the tub he runs and jumps in. He loves them.
A new painting was listed and a short (understatement) video of Sir Salty and his brother at 7 weeks. Link:

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