Sunday, March 18, 2007

Westie Puppies, Candylei

We went to look at a male 3 month-old Westie puppy. Oh, he was so cute...... His little teeth working on everything the whole time we were holding and playing with him. I would just get him away from my purse on the floor and he would move on to my fingers and then my shoes, chew, chew, chew. He was so full of life, love and kisses and we could not stop laughing and playing with him!

More snow and my Nikko hydrangeas bushes will have to wait again to be planted. Along with some more plants keeping them company in the waiting line....peonies, torch plants and the list goes on. Think of bright side of things. At least the deer, groundhogs, and rabbits aren't getting them.


Barbara Gabriel said...

Hi Candylei,

I love your work. I am interested in your photos. Especially Aroma Therapy. Can I use this on a website and credit you?
Let me know.
Thank you
Barbara Gabriel
San Francisoc, California

Barbara Gabriel said...

Hi Candyylei,

I forgot to leave my information
You can contact me at:
Thank you,