Sunday, February 25, 2007

AH, SPRING is arriving! by Candylei


Spring is here; no doubt about it. I thought I would transplant some variegated boxwoods that I got before Christmas that have been decorating our porch. I located the shovel and in the garden it went "tink... tink...tink" The ground is still frozen even though it was so very nice today.

I have a good number of peonies to plant, too. They were ringing up 50% off so I purchased a number. If you ever want a lumber store clerk to notice you just buy the same item in bulk. (When I say notice I mean good customer service, at least eye contact once.) They not only notice but they begin to suspect something is wrong with we can't read the outdoor thermometer.

A note about mulch. Don't put it on yet if your ground is still frozen. It will prolong winter by working as an insulator and keep your ground frozen longer.


A fresh falling of snow and lots of it. They say that snow is the poor man's fertilizer. We'll take it then for the garden's sake. It keeps you from being idle as well. You shovel out the driveway the first part of the day...stop eat lunch...and then continue to shovel out what you previously shoveled out AGAIN. Shovel is the word of the day.

I found the cutest Dog Pet Supply Store. Westies will love it. It is in the historical part of town and you can't miss it if you drive by. A large, painted-red-fire-hydrant gets your attention right away. The colors are bright yellow, blue and white on the storefront compared to the red brick of the others. Above this all is their sign of a dog rolling on it's back. People are so curious you just have to go inside because the outside is contagious and you want more of it. What treasures lie hidden inside? Great marketing!

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