Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mermaid Painting Sea Gardener Daily Art

Art -- the great escape from cold blustery weather.

I will go to the beach and swim, dive and sunbathe.

Even if it's only in our minds, I can relive it over and over

each time I look at the painting, when the painting is finished.

Portfolios have been on my mind of late.

"Have recent art and be ready to talk about some of them."

Tell about why you created the piece and what it means to you -

What materials did you use and how you feel you could improve on it.

What if I spent more time and effort telling about how I could improve on it

than what it meant to me? Just kidding, but by painting every day we

can work out alot of those things.

Now art is not always an escape, it's expression, it's about colors,

it's about memories and hopes...and on and on. Soft edges, hard edges.

It's about both you and me and all the viewers.

Now to get my boots on and lock up the chickens!

Bring in the firewood and visit with both Hercules and Ion.

Art can mean something different to each artist.  

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