Friday, January 3, 2014

Hercules Storm

It started soft and sweet with big fluffy flakes

and so beautiful, calm and quiet. Wind? There isn't any wind, we said.

Everything was looking picturesque.

We got more firewood, candles and matches.

More warm clothes and bulky socks.

We went to bed thinking we might have a foot

of snow in the morning and hoped the power stayed

on just the same. Everything is much easier with power!

It wasn't long til windows were rattling and

the wind was lifting snow every which way like

a big snow blower.

This morning I noticed under the one of the outside

doors that snow had blown in under it and against the wall.

There are days when I think we are living in Laura Ingalls time.

Just that we have electricity, computers and phones, but still

battling cold winters and farming.

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