Thursday, November 1, 2012

Styling Collage Photography

It's not what you have

 it's how you arrange them.

It's not how expensive the items are

it's about texture and color.

That is pretty much the rules I use

when it comes to styling collage photography.

These are my two photographs from Instagram

I love how art is in everything around us.

Both of these photgraphs were taken with my iphone 4.

You have to love the iphone...easy to carry and usually

always with me wherever I'm at.

We were very, very fortunate that we didn't lose

our electricity during Hurricane Sandy.

There were a few flickers and I waited up a good

bit during the night waiting to light candles while

the wind roared outside.

I feel bad for all of the others who had extensive damage.

Schools were cancelled for two days and many

business offices were closed as well.

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Carolyn said...

Your photos are lovely! Glad you were safe during the storm.

Thank you for your lovely comment-it made me happy!


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Those are amazing photos! I'm glad you were one of the lucky ones. Such a tragedy.