Monday, November 12, 2012

Downton Abbey Silver Holiday Decorating Tabletop

Simple decorating ideas are my kind
of decorating. I have these silver plated cups
that I call my Downton Abbey Cups..
They are just vintage silver cups
but I am sure they have lots of stories to tell.
(They will look more like Downton Abbey
on white linen!)

Place each cup in a circle like a wreath
and fill each with boxwood cuttings.
If you are a gardener that is the same
as saying each are filled with cheer.
If only boxwood rooted quickly
like say, mint!  

Old silver has such character!
The combination of brown, silver and gray
with some shimmer and some dull areas
has such appeal to me.
These almost blend into the tabletop.
Beautifully burnished is the best description for the cups.

Happiness is a table full of family and friends
good food helps too,
so I guess I should be looking for new dishes to make
the usual dishes are comforting but it's always good to
have a few surprises each year.
I stumbled upon a cookbook by 
Sam Choy
at a Goodwill store and it was $1.30 
Now I have the recipe for Payapa Dressing!
The list of secret ingredients is in my kitchen.

All photographs are my own from Instagram.

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Bella said...

Boxwood and silver a great combination! I am so excited for the new Downton Abbey season:-)

Sheila said...

I love your Downton cups, they are very pretty, i also love what you said about 'happiness is...' i totally agree.
Have fun with your new cookbook!

chateau chic said...

Your silver cups look so pretty with the boxwood. Love that combination!
Mary Alice