Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shabby Roses Pink Dreams Digital Art

We've had a great weekend with family. Cooking and more cooking. Taking pictures. I did a little planting outside with some peony roots that I had and didn't want them to die before they got in the ground. The color of the peonies? PINK.

I've always wanted to play with my photographs and make them more artistic. Tonight I took an old photograph of my silver vases with white roses and merged it with a photograph of my vintage silver platter for texture. Instant charm. These were merged on photoshop and then I went to the channel mixer and made the colors more red and I couldn't believe how dreamy the photo looks now. Digital art. I think I am hooked! It's faded, pink and it's of roses. It's a win win!

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Connie said...

You're right; it is a beautiful transition, sugar. I love people with creativity!

I came over from Show Off Your Cottage Monday so it's nice to meet you!


☆☆Mumsy said...

It looks like an oil painting, and very pretty!

Jennelise said...

How beautiful! I love the coloring! I have been wanting to try digital art too but I'm intimidated by all of the program choices - I'll have to get one soon! This is just lovely :)

♔Emma♔ said...

yes!!! totally! I loved it! and I like the paintings of your sister has one little she-westie ...she's lovely!..cute and playful.
Kisses from Chile