Sunday, February 5, 2012

English Style Cottage Garden at My Fingertips

Pop up gardening book!

I feel like Cinderella when I open it.

From above they are just as pretty!

When you open the pages they spring to life

which is what we are waiting for outside.

Books like this were first made in the 1800's

but this one is fairly recent

I picked it up at Goodwill

It has provided lots of inspiration and dreaming

The soft colors of roses, delphiniums and other

cottage flowers make my heart pitter patter faster

Isn't this just dreamy?

Someone has already cut flowers for me!

No deer or groundhogs in this garden

Just flowers and sunshine.

I've collected a few of these books

from the outside you can't tell

what suprises will justle about when

you open the book.

I am still a kid at heart

With a drawer full of seeds to plant

and some in the refrigerator too!

Connecting with Pink Saturday

and Maleviks Rose Garden

1 comment:

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

What a simply beautiful book- I want one!!!

Enjoy!! Katie