Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ring Bearer Bird Nest Pillow With White Flowers

I love soft things like moss, soft grass and little feathers. There is a little collection of bird nests in my house that I have picked up off of the ground after summer thunder storms. One such nest fell on the floor today and the outer portion of the nest cracked off. To toss it... or not I asked as I held it in my hands? No. It was so soft and light. A mother bird had really worked hard on this house.

I sprayed the little softie-nest white. Set it up on a white urn (98 cents from thrift shop) and then I wondered what I could do with it. A little "real" moss sat in the center (it made me wonder what it would feel like to sleep on a moss bed) all plump and pretty ready for a bird family.

The idea came to make it a ring bearer pillow...all soft and sweet! I took some of the white carnations--love that clove scent--and made a little carnation lei around the top, not stitched together but tucked under the moss bed. It was pretty enough to set on the urn as well, but it is perfect for a ring bearier to carry down the aisle at a wedding.

That is my actual wedding band that I squeezed and twisted-squeezed and twisted some more-all the while remembering when it used to be loose! This is my husband's grandmother's wedding band. My original Hawaiian wedding ring did fall off and I never did find it. Often they put a ring on the pillow that if the ring bearer loses in the excitement of getting ready and doing cartwheels or jumping like a frog and if the ring gets lost it is not a problem...the Best Man has the "real one." Did any of you have an all white bridal bouquet? I did. I guess that should have been a sign that I would love white decorating down the road!

It's exciting to recycle nature's gifts, even if they are fragile.

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