Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Country Farmhouse - yippee

Libraries are for learning and gathering information. I had to take my son to the library last night and after I gathered up a few things I plunked down in a chair next to the magazines. I picked up Country Living because I love white decorating and the cover pulled me in.

I was thrilled to find out it was the Burke's aka living room on the cover and the most delicious photographs of their home inside. (All of you probably know about their blog, but if you don't head on over.) Trina has the most beautiful country home and I should have "followed" it when I first found it. There isn't any clutter to be seen. Today I went right over and with friend connect linked up. (Hoping the decluttering thing rubs off on me.) Why are we so slow to link up sometimes? It's the best way to find someone again and to keep in touch. Of all the supermarket trips I have made I hadn't seen this new Country Living magazine.

I devoured each picture in the magazine and wondered (quietly) how people keep their kitchens so sparkling white and scrubbed?

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