Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wood Kniting Needles and Organic Yarn

Green organic threads! I am in awe of how delicate nature can be. So perfectly coiled on it's own. I took these small vine threads that were attached to little pieces of branches and put it against my painting canvas so you can compare for size! It is a miniature version of what my knitting looks like after I've pulled out rows of stitches--. I just cannot say "I am a knitter," and stand very tall and straight when I say it. More appropriately I could say, "I am a thread winder and unwinder." For some super knitting check out ravelry. A fun group of knitters who can yes, knit! I will continue to "garden knit" for now.


once in a blue moon said...

so creative~

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature knits! :) Great photo!

I'll be sure to check out your knitting link - it is something I would like to try!