Thursday, October 13, 2011

Organic Fall Bouquet

It stopped raining and I went for a walk in the yard.
I came back with an armful of wild, floral fragments picked
up off of the ground or snipped. There is such an abundance
of foliage and seed heads right now to play with. But first,
I love how the yellow rose pulls out the yellow and greens
in the apple above.

I dropped them in my soup tureen and they were a feast
for my eyes against the white bowl and also inside on
the white table.

I don't know if you can see everything in this bouquet,
but these are a few peony seed heads that I think are
architectural and striking with the pink grass seed heads.

I threw out hay to the sheep and saw the vacant bee nest.
The hornets make nests way up high on the barn ceiling
and when they're empty of bees they'll fall down
onto the hay. They look a little like morel mushrooms!
A nice texture. The few red leaves are from the
sugar maple tree.


Becky~ said...

Pretty arrangement!When the rain stops here in a few days or less I want to go and get some branches with colored leaves.I never thought of that lol.I read a friends blog and she had the most gorgeous leaves in a vase.silly of me I bring in flowers in the summer why not some gorgeous branches of leaves right???

Happy friday ahead!

High Street Cottage said...

I love your paintings! They remind me so much of a style from the children's books. Very nice!
The floral arrangement is gorgeous too!