Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White Picket Fences and Paper Dolls

I love these little miniature white wooden picket fences. So sweet and they say cottage charm. (Haven't you heard them?) I like to rearrange this little fence with different vignettes of paper dolls and animals. So much fun can be possible with a pen, paper and scissors. This would look so sweet in a nursery, but I actually have this in my dining room at present. I collected moss from out in the shady garden. We love to bring greens inside when it turns chilly. This is the tiniest clay pot they make I think, but so cute. My little giraffe says, "Hi. How are you? Let's party."

We have to include our westie dog most of the time with my paper dolls. A boy and his dog!

Sometimes our kitty gets to babysit them, but usually ends up bathing them.

These roses were white with pink edges. I dried them and I think they still look pretty.

Miniature fence, miniature clothespins. This looks like a fairy fence with their flower petal aprons out to dry.

There are so many more little decorating ideas for these little picket fences. I've seen them stitched onto collages and on canvas.

I hope you had a little fun here with me. Be sure to stop by Faded Charm to
see all of the other White Wednesday posts as there are many white cottage decorating ideas and gorgeous photographs. All photographs here I've taken myself, no small feat. Have a great week!


once in a blue moon said...

cute pics, love the kitty~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeeeheeeeee! YOU LOVE PAPER DOLLS, just like me, Candylei! OH this is way fun and sweet my dear! Last year I made a paper doll theatre show with my RATS and it was a hoot..I am very, very honored to see you come to visit me for YOUR ART is spectacular and enchanting.....have you been published yet dearest? Your work has the charm that I LOVE and hope to achieve..simple lines, DOT eyes, cuteness....

SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AND PLEASE come around more often! I come to visit you occasionally, but it is HARD, isn't it, to always leave messages! BISOUS, Anita

Rachel Pallas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment! :) Your blog is adorable and your are such an amazing artist! :) Rachel

My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

OMG that Westie is sweet!



Bella said...

Hi Candylei,
I love your fairy fence, pure whimsy! Your header photo is stunning, you do beautiful work!