Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blueberry Homesteading Book

The Blueberry Years by Jim Minick

I got this book in the mail from my sister. Since we've been sick I've had time to devour it. A "delicious" read it said in one review. Jim has a knack for describing people, human nature and blueberries! Everyone has a dream and Jim and Sarah's is to support themselves on a homestead of blueberries. How hard can that be they question that question? (Since his father grew some bushes it should be in his genes. No?) Blueberries that are not yet planted, nor the bull pines cleared, but they have the land and the dream. Easy enough they think. Jim takes you with him and his wife on this journey of labor and love and mother earth. Not any journey but an certified organic farmer's journey who invites strangers to his farm to "u pick" blueberries right along with them.

You soon realize he has a love affair with blueberries. I wonder how many blueberry bushes have been sold by nurseries because of Jim's apt description of their gorgeous existence.

When you toil over the land and plant the bushes you become protective of it. Jim also becomes an analyst of people, relationships, religion, money, dreams, neighbors, and the ever productive blueberry...all of the clever evaluations come from keeping the hands busy and the mind turns things over and over until every visible side is exposed. You laugh. You worry. And like a good friend he shares his feelings with you whether they are right or wrong at the time. Unlike myself he has learned when to pause and not answer. If you are not an organic food believer you will be.

After I read the last page I wanted to ring them up and invite them over for dinner. To think he used to teach high school English in Maryland. Jim is a gifted writer and poet. This book is not just for "do it yourself-ers" or homesteaders, it's a book about life and relationships that come from working toward a dream.

As a bonus he has added blueberry recipes at the end! I highly recommend it.


Änglarnas hus said...


How nice of you to give us som tips about reding! I´m on my way in to nose are red and I feel wery tired! Maybe I can find this book i Sweden..

have a nice evening!!

With love/Sanne

once in a blue moon said...

this looks great, put it on my wish list.

thanks for visiting my blog, its nice to meet another gardener~

you have a beautiful blog.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Thanks for the great review. I hope you will link this post to our What We're Reading Linky Party tomorrow. I will definitely add this to my Wish List.

Ricki Jill

Sheila said...

I love hearing...well reading about what people love to read. It sounds great, i love the passion other people put into a book they have loved. Might find myself on amazon later..!