Friday, September 9, 2011

Adding to the Red Hot Garden

The hot is going to get hotter. The hot colored garden that is! I had this Orange Harvest iris rhizome and in it went. The color is a rich orange that darkens. It looks great against red foliage shrubs. Plus it reblooms in the fall. How great is that?

Remember twist ties? I guess they are history. This has a rubber band that is attached to the plastic label and then you twist it around the rhizome to keep them happily together and identified. Ta da! Ideas just waiting to be patented out there.

The thing I like about German iris plants is their foliage looks super for about 9 months here in our gardening zone. That soft morning sea breeze color of sage and the softest turquoise. Romantic. Beautiful and it doesn't droop but stands tall and strong defending the garden perimeters! (I want to paint a few chairs that color!)

Speaking of drooping...I am on the mend I will tell you. It's been raining and gray outside but inside I turned the heat on this morning to dry out the dampness and haven't stopped since.

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful addition to your garden! Iris are short-lived here in CO, but a favorite of mine. :)