Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Westie Pet Portrait and Boy ACEO painting - Summer Woohoo


Summer is leaping and running with your westie dog. Sir Salty needs a trim as he looks a bit like a beardie or sheepdog (okay, a miniature one). He is always a flutter of activity and runs with his nose high in the air when he is racing us.

I guess he knows he is going to win and he rarely, if ever, looks back.

But if we sit down he always races back to check on us. Like he thinks he will find a bundle of treats that have fell out of our pockets. I think it's because the only time we really sit on the grass is when we are having a picnic or playing with him.

Aceo original painting is available on etsy.


Country Girl said...

Oh, what beautiful paintings!

I loved reading your answers, too. Couldn't respond through e-mail, though. :( Thanks for stopping by and playing along ~

lvroftiques said...

Hi Candylei!
I loveeeee your Sir Salty!! What a cutie patootie!!
Thanks for stopping by. If I decide to sell the bed I'll let you know *winks* It just might happen because I have ZERO room for another bed! Vanna

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Sir Salty is loaded with personality!!! :D

Candylei said...

Ricki Jill: I'm sure your westie sweetheart is too!

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Candylei! What adorable paintings you create! You certainly are one talented gal! :) Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments! Have a great and see you in blogland! ♥

xoxo laurie

Rowena... said...

If Sir Salty needs a trim then Maddie must need a full makeover. We haven't taken her to the doggie salon in months (I do a little clipping here and there) because she prefers the country gal look as opposed to her city cousins. Earlier in the month she caught a was like this dirty white fluffy cat with a black button nose that was bringing me a peace offering. She won't leave the lizards alone and still insists on trying to catch those pesky birds that fly into the garden.