Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Looking Westie Dog-Not Looking

Westies are bright spots on a rainy days. Radar ears up and listening to every chirp, cricket, and squirrel chatter. Our westie, Sir Salty, is a bit camera shy. He does not like to look directly at the camera. I'll whistle, jump a bit, call his name and sometimes in desperation pretend to fall down to get him to look. (They could have a tv series called Desperate Photographers.) I can't get all black and blue just trying to get a good photograph that is for sure. I can see myself twisting my ankle and having to go to the doctor and it would go like this:

Doctor: You said you twisted your ankle taking a picture of your dog?
Me: Yes, I do it all of the time.
Doctor: Take pictures or fall down?
Me: Both.
Doctor: I'm confused.
Me: Now you're sounding like me. I think I'll go for a second opinion.

This could be downright embarrassing.

You are probably saying, "Call his name." I do that too. The problem is that there are alot of beauty and animal/bird sounds outside so Sir Salty looks quickly and then turns his attention elsewhere where he thinks its needed most. All the while my camera is still focusing.

I have a new trick though. Put the treat on top of your camera. A no-fail way to get his complete attention for a few minutes! And while I'm focusing to remember if I left the iron on or the water running in the sink.

New original oil painting aceo titled "Rain Gear" up for sale on ebay.


Wyatt said...

Hi Sir Salty-
So nice to meet you! We have a long history with the West Highland Terriers. Grandma has always had a Westie,on her Christmas tree farm in Washington state. Westies are feisty, fun loving, independent thinkers who can hold their own with an Airedale,any day of the week. We have so many great pictures of Airedale-Westie play!!

Wyatt and Stanzie

chrissy said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog.
your westies are soooo darn cute.
i am also loving what i see on your etsy so i am on my way to peek around for awhile.
so happy to find you.

Joe Hendry Art said...

Candylei, Loved reading this as a former Westie owner ( I really miss him). They are such strong characters and I was definitely owned by my Westie! Great thinking to put the treat on the camera.

Loving your art,

best regards