Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paris My love- French Letters

I found these wonderful cake stands for a few dollars and the patterns are beautiful and all white! Now to bake some cupcakes or treats to adorn them. The roadsides are full of queen anne's lace or some people call them field carrots. I always pick some and admire their delicate flowers. And why not put them on a pedestal like they deserve.

Paris, my love. If I can't go to Paris I will bring Paris here. I stenciled this flower tin with white letters of a street address in Paris. They still look new but they will age outside on the porch quite fast in our hot humid weather. To add to the 3-d of the letters I went back on one side with gray paint and it gives them depth, the letters. Lavender plants set nicely in them and bring to mind Provence.

My helper and inventory of our siamese kittens.

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rustandruffles said...

Such a pretty your whites!
Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are just beautiful. Love all your whites, including your pretty little helper. ;o)
Happy WW!
~ Jo

Creative Ambitions said...

Candylei... love the lettering... very cool! And I love all the Queen Anne's Lace this time of year... great whites (especially your kitty) :)


vintagesusie & wings said...

Beautiful pics of your amazing cake plates. They look beautiful stacked just the way they are...but they sure would be yummier with a couple of cakes on them!!!
Smiles Friend,

Abby said...

The stenciling is so creative! I love it!

Diane Drake said...

Beautiful displays and photos! I love the white cake plates and your kitty! Diane