Saturday, July 17, 2010

FRIDA KAHLO Primitive Dolls

Frida's birthday celebration continues here which started on July 6th. This delightful and adorable Frida Kahlo doll is the first in the Frida Kahlo Birthday Dolls. She has been sold and is off to her new home, traveling with her cat close. Who needs a cat carrier when you have two loving arms? And cats attract birds or is it the other way around? How could you make Frida dolls and not make her some animals and birds for company?

My dolls are handmade from my original designs and each is handpainted and not on printed fabric. It is like my pantings have come to life in 3-dimensions. Each art doll is a one of a kind doll which makes them extra special and squeezable. Check back for more.

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