Friday, May 21, 2010

Westie Oil Portrait Painting

I had to paint our sweet clean westie again! He is loving the warm weather today and drinking lots of water. After how many days of rain (which was great because I didn't have to water any of the potted perennials outside that need to go somewhere in the gardens) he can roll and run in the grass and not getting soaked and dirty.
The title of this painting is ''CHEERS.'' Westie is toasting the arrival of summer. I am happy too, but my metabolism needs to hike up a couple of gears to keep up with the greenery and garden outside. But I say "Cheers", too, just like our puppy.

Learn more about painting here.


tammy smith said...

I am LOVIN the Westie paintings--keep em up!! They're original and fantastic!!
Great to find your blog as well.

Candylei said...

Hi Tammy and welcome here. Westies are characters and then some! <3