Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recycling to Art Sculpture Mixed Media


I saw this lovely work of art today... And I am inspired! We have lots of little of old hardware pieces tucked away that were here when we moved here. Now the possiblities are becoming very clear what to do with them. Here they've used a crate, old watering can, a faucet spout and it's adorable and hanging on the outside of their old smoke house turned potting shed. The weathered colors are so calming.

Have any of you made anything like this before?


Ellie said...

No, but I want to now! I love gardening and I love how it is captured here! A gentle reminder of
doing one of the many things, I love!
Very pretty! I agree I love the weathered worn, carefree look!

Candylei said...

Right now I need to pull weeds. :-)