Thursday, May 27, 2010

Westie and Girl Art Collage Painting

Soft romantic linens that have that washed slightly faded look...well I am in love with them. They say, summer in the country, in such a sophisticated-romantic way. So if my clothes are like that so are my girls in my paintings this week. When you live in the country, are a gardener and raise sheep, have quite a few linen dresses lined up for a day so you can change when:

the lambs jump up to say hi and soil the front
puppy jumps up to say hi and soils the front
you spill coffee
you spill orange juice
you start painting and forget to change
you snag it on a rose bush
you get the idea... ironically sometimes all three happen at once when you are carrying orange juice and coffee

The title of this painting is "Sharing a Walk." It looks like she is sharing her hair bows, too! Walking with a dog is like having a listening friend who never questions or berates what you are saying. I remember reading about Robert Pattinson practicing, telling his westie what he was going to say to his girlfriend the next day....and Patti, his westie, was very patient and a good listener.

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Lilla Kullan ♥ said...

It's so cute anf nice. I like it! Hug Stina

Candylei said...

Welcome to my blog and stop by again. <3