Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kiparoo Farms Yarn for Knitting/Crocheting

We went to Kiparoo Farms and met Annie Kelley and saw her beautiful studio. It's on a working farm of sheep and cattle. She has 150 head of sheep and if you raise sheep you know the work that involves. Annie is as petite as a clothes pin, but has more energy radiating from her than the lit White House Christmas Tree. She is a fine example of hardwork, a love for what she does and a super personality! We had such a good time there.

This is Annie's helper who lived on the farm before Annie did and now lives royally. Friendly as can be. The lacey crocheted tablecloth...gorgeous. When can we move in?

This is Annie above on the left. Her studio is in several rooms of the old farmhouse. She refinished the floors and the walls are white with high ceilings. It's decorated in her beautiful scandinavian-heritage style. Lots of bright whites and beiges with a little pink here and there.

She sells her own wool yarn from her sheep in every texture and color combination imaginable. A real bonus is that there is the actual handmade item next to each of her patterns which really sells them. Some with more than one color variation to show the possibilities. Look at these little cute purses above.

I didn't begin to capture the ambience of her shop, Kiparoo Farms, you have to experience it yourself. Then you will know what a joy it is. Her website is here.


Dalis' Blog at Dancing Leaf Farm said...

I just got back from visiting Annie all day. Your photos of her studio are lovely. Great job!

Candylei said...

Terrific! We are going back again soon! <3