Friday, March 12, 2010

Peony Planting

Some people are living their gardening/farming dreams. In Michigan Bridgewater Nurseries grows fields of peonies that are sold for June weddings. They are fresh cut and then shipped by the dozens overnight to all areas of the United States to individuals like you and me. Thirty six dollars a dozen plus Express USPS shipping. No middle man involved only the post office handles them between grower and buyer. Every year they plant "a couple hundred more varieties" of peonies.

I am in love with the idea of the cut flower growing business. I can't afford to plant fields, (I am very capable of dreaming about the notion) but I did plant a Felix Crouse peony today... in the rain. This root had so many eyes on it and many shoots already coming up. We plant them only 2-inches deep with compost and sheep manure.

I like the rich red-pink color of Felix Crouse. I planted them in semi shade near our star magnolia tree. Planting them in several different locations...such as semi shade and full sun means a longer period of blooms. Those in full sun will bloom first and then a few weeks later the semi shade areas bloom. Get the vases ready!

A very nice website for peony enthusiasts here. Also visit the American Peony Society for lots of information.

Another favorite peony of mine is Bowl of Beauty. My picture of it's beauty on flickr.

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