Saturday, March 13, 2010

Barns, Flood Waters and I Have a Dream

This is what our barn could look like with some money, a permit and hard work. As of right now there are sheep where the diningroom is in this photo and the second floor is stacked with hay bales. If only... This photo is of Mr. Johnson's renovated barn-house in New York state and is one of the homes on tour at Martha Stewart's website. And our barn is still keeping feed and hay dry and keeping mother to be ewe sheep safe, too.

Do you remember when I said Spring had gently and quietly arrived at our place? She has taken away all of the snow now. Hooray. But she is cleaning furiously with heavy rains night and day! Our sweet gentle, gurgling creek has turned into a raging roaring lion. Can you see all of the trees under water? The noise does not faze our westie as he is focused on finding squirrel trails. I have not seen the deer around for two days. It's impossible to cross these waters. I wonder how many trees will go down?

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The Vintage Sister said...

Eeek! It's been raining here since Friday and it shows no sign of stopping. But it is nice to see the grass turning green. Spring is here!!
I love your barn dreams but I would love to have a few sheep too.
Enjoy your week:)