Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Original Folk Art Character Paintings

Alice in Wonderland has a timeless appeal because it is full of imagination! We need lots of that. Besides we all love animals that think they are human, I have a few of those, and sit for tea together at the table. At present the new movie is still on the top of the charts. We understand!

Above are two of the paintings for sale here. Prints can be purchased here. I will post the other pictures soon. I've learned to wait for the best possible lighting (meaning a sunny day) for photographs and the colors are lively and fun and I want that to be seen and felt in the pictures.

I left out most of my heavy black outlines that I normally use and I'm thinking I like that much better especially in children story lines. Which do you like better?

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Darla said...

Beautiful art here!!!