Friday, February 19, 2010

Our World is Blue, Pink and a spot of Green

Our world has been various shades of blue and white outside the last 2 weeks. Blue ground and blue sky and a ring of pink clouds ruffling the two together. Schools were closed for 9 days and just resumed late yesterday.

Inside it's pink and white. I've been under the weather and these roses and gardening magazines have helped. Most of the time I had only one eye open. And that was only now and then.

The deer are the best snow removers. There is this little spot near the old spring where the grass is lush and green still under the snow. (They've since eaten it to the quick.) There is eight deer that come every morning and afternoon and paw away the snow to eat the grass. They are adding more green color to our blue and white outdoor world. Most all of our boxwoods are still covered in snow which is their saving grace from the deer.

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