Sunday, January 31, 2010

Westie Sweater Dogs Sledding Painting

Just when we think we hear spring whistling down the lane...we receive 6 inches of fresh powdered snow to work or play with. (Forget about getting out the gardening shovel and pull out the snow shovel again.) My westie chooses playing over working hands down. The snow is way too powdery to form into some magnificent lawn ornament, but it's great for sledding, and saucers. Saucers are for the funloving type. You speed downhill and spin around at the same time.

The colors are soft like the snow. When it snows there is such a calm outside (when there isn't any wind at least) so I tried to capture that with the colors and the westies being a bit more colorful and energetic.

This painting is up for sale on ebay now.


Anonymous said...

Oh they are so cute!
Keep warm and well!



Bella the Westie said...

Your westie paintings are really lovely, well done !
Love, Bella.

Candylei said...

Thank you both!

Ellen said...

Where is the painting on Ebay? Couldn't find it. Are any other paintings for sale?