Friday, January 29, 2010

Chihuahua Valentine Dogs Shabby Folk Art Painting

The chihuahua's have been Mexico's dog of choice for years. Now everyone loves them. History says it's ancestor's have been in Mexico way before Columbus wrote of them after visiting Cuba. Our neighbor recently purchased one for their children. The wind carries it's barks down our way and we try to imagine what he is saying. We know it is happy because we can hear the kids laughing. Sir Salty does not interpret for us except to look at us and smile.

Since Valentine's day is approaching this is what we know he is thinking about...L-O-V-E. This painting is titled, Heart Keeper, and she is taking very good care of his heart (that he gave her). She will not disappoint him and she will cherish him. Can't you tell this by her expression?

The chihuahua topiary form is balancing a heart on his nose. Talent.
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