Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rabbit Sculpture Gardening and Folk Art Painting

Gardening with rabbits can be fun when you mix the real ones with the topiary bunnies. What fun! Here is Frida Kahlo with her green thumb and her pet bunnies. The sky is the limit in topiary gardening. Your imagination and clippers decide how cute it will be. It helps to start with healthy plants and keep them well fed. Repot once a year and trim back the roots. They like to eat good like the rest of us. I am trying to keep my gardening impulses under control. We gardeners tend to get itchy by the end of January.

For the colors of this painting I went old world with rich yet muted orange, pink, and browns. Basically I just looked at some of my clay pots and used the colors I saw on them.

This original painting is up for sale on ebay.


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