Saturday, December 26, 2009

ACEO Folk Art Mexican Chihuahua Dog

Aceo's are a wonderful size to play with designs, doodles and the serious stuff. They are small little treasures that like company. Aceo's can be put on a mat board and then framed by itself or in groups. They are usually less expensive than larger paintings. the key word here. I have seen some go for over $100. on ebay auctions.

This terracotta color really appeals to me lately. Old Mexico colors. Frida's spanish coloring looks great against it. How can you paint Frida without some of her animal or bird friends in it? In fact two chihuahua's. This is my very first Frida ACEO up for sale!
The artist cards are very heavy and linen textured...the best. Can you see some of the texture in the photograph...just like a canvas painting. Yay!

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ellajunebug said...

Candylei is an amazing artist.I can't say enough about how beautiful her pieces are in person. She is truly an amazing artist and deserves much recognition.I feel so lucky to have purchased a few of her original pieces. Her art makes me very happy and I am so grateful for that.