Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Westie Rabbit Chicken Gardeners

Mr. MacGregor, the westie, is a generous gardener who gardens with his plaids. He shares his gardening plot with Bunny and Chickie and they make up the title of this painting "Gardening Think Tank". There is alot of wisdom combined in this team.

Do you know why Mr. MacGregor gets on well with Bunny?? Because rabbits are not, I repeat, not in the rodent family. They are in the Leporidae family.

I just found that out this week. If I knew before I forgot. Sadly to say squirrels are in the rodent family. There has been a rift between westie's family and the rodent family for years!

Bunny is a a bit shy, but has alot of experience with gardens! Chickie does too, but chickie is the opposite of shy....struts all around!

I listed this painting for sale on ebay today. Have a look-see at it.

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