Monday, September 7, 2009

Redskin Football Game Partners Suite

We got to go to one of the Redskin's preseason's games at the Fedex Field Stadium These were not normal seats, but we sat and watched the game in one of the Partners Suites for 24 people. Which is way above "good seats" because the staff feeds you and they pamper you and it's your own private party going on in a very huge stadium. Air conditioning is so nice, too, but the large windows open out so everyone's cheers come in and mix with your own group's hoorays! Two or three televisions show the game without commercials because Dan Snyder's people are televising it into your suite. Your own private bathroom is included. It's rather like having your own condo right at the stadium. My son said after he ate, "But when are we going to our regular seats?" We found that amusing.

The food was great and kept warm at the buffet above. They even served lots of fresh fruit to us dieters along with cupcakes. That rather cancelled out my diet. The phone is right there in case you want to order anything. It's just a call away. The staff was wonderful! They couldn't have been better!
I wore heels my black pencil skirt and blouse. I felt quite elegant until a family member told me I had tape on the bottom of my skirt. It reduced me to the size of an lego person as I ran to the restroom. Thank you everyone at Fedex field and the Redskins for the fun time. We hope you win the super bowl!

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