Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Westie Dog is Living a Fairytale Life

A new painting that I listed
for sale on ebay.
My westie dog lives this life. He walks in the human world and walks in the animal world depending on which is better in his judgement at any given moment. Yep, he is living a happy ever after fairytale life and loving it with us.

This painting is about big sister finding a turtle in little westie brother's backpack and making him take it out. They vote on if he can keep it and little brother is the only one in favor. He is telling them to run ahead so he can say goodbye.....actually he wants to tuck the turtle back into his backpack safely. Boys!

You know how they have those groups on
What is in your bag? They take everything out and take a picture of it. Little brother could take a picture of his turtle next to his backapack.

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Rowena... said...

I LOVED the story! Candylei, when are you going to write a book of westie adventures? With illustrations like these, it would be a hit!